Make Da Basecamp the space for your business.
We welcome entrepreneurs, freelancers or startup owners to join us in the space!


We aim to provide a conducive space for entrepreneurs in Kluang to meet and pursue their dream. Da Basecamp will become a platform for you to explore ideas, execute plans and excel in businesses.

With the individual talent and collective effort, this entrepreneur pool could become a think tank for Kluang, to make Kluang a better place to live, an enticing city to move to, and a model city in Malaysia.

You are not alone.

Tired of working alone?

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with a supportive community. Other professional campers in Da Basecamp could share advices and ideas to help you excel and accelerate your journey to the peak.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” —Henry Ford

Your business habitat.

Want to keep some privacy?

If you are operating from home and want to keep your home address confidential, or create more professional image for your business, Da Basecamp is the perfect place for your business address.

Da Basecamp offers you a prime address, fax and mail handling, meeting spaces, event spaces and printing services.

Your sweet spot.

Crave coffee after a long day? Looking for someone to share your success or challenges?

The fully equipped pantry and chillout area at Da Basecamp, provides you with complimentary local and premium coffee to rejuvenate after a long day of work.

Who knows? New ideas could be generated from those coffee talks too!

Our campers

Are you wearing many hats for your business?

Casual and yet professional. Da Basecamp offers you a community for you to connect and collaborate.

... and YOU!

Your Rucksack

Looking for office tools with low operating cost?

Da Basecamp is fully equipped with essential tools such as High Speed Wifi, Printer, Scanner, Photocopier, Mail and Fax Handling and many other office supplies.

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RM 249
RM 299
RM 100
RM 50
RM 50